Our harvesting business was started back in 1981 with the purchase of a 1969 JD 95 combine in conjunction with my fathers 2-JD95s. We stayed within the state of Montana for years upgrading to a 6620 in 1988 and then into the 9000 series in 1992. From that time on we started leaving the state to South Dakota and then in 1993 we took 3 machines and went to Casa Grande, Arizona.

We have continued on with the harvesting business and in 1996 we were blessed with the hiring of Jesper Hansen who has been with us for 19 years to date and was brought into our business in 2004 as a partner. Jespers brother, Flemming has also now been with us for 13 years and brought in as partner in 2010

We hope to keep the tradition of J&H Harvesting a strong one with committments to our of #1- A top quality crew!! #2- Top quality late model if not new equipement!! And #3-A job of harvesting that they and we can be proud of!! Please feel free to contact any of us if you are looking for a job or are interested in finding a good reliable harvester/customer relationship that will last for years to come!!